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Board of Directors & Committee




Board of Director’s President


Derek Hall

Mr. Hall grew up in Long Beach, California, where he attended St. Anthony’s Catholic High School due to limited viable public school options.  After high school graduation he attended San Diego State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration with emphasis in City Planning and Urban Development.

Mr. Hall worked for the City of Long Beach for 5 years with the Planning, Building and Economic Development Department.  He ran the city’s small business lending program.

Mr. Hall worked for several years in Public Finance which lead to private banking in 1996. Through time and experience with Commercial Banker he is now the Vice President with JP Morgan Chase Business Lending.  He negotiates real estate purchases, 1031 exchanges, SBA Financing and Franchise Financing.  He manages a portfolio of over $150,000,000.00 in assets.

Mr. Hall has received several small business lending awards over the past 10 years.

Even with his changeling work schedules, he still finds time to volunteer with the Special Olympics, St. Timothy, the Downtown Mission of Los Angeles, Adopt a Student mentoring Program and sits on the Board of Director’s for Lifeline Education Charter School as the Board President and coaches Los Alamitos Little League Baseball Team.



Board Member

Victoria Fox

I am a stem cell biologist specializing in pluripotent stem cell biology. I have significant expertise working with embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells of human and rodent species. I am employed as an assistant professor of Research Medicine at USC and as an independent consultant for various scientific and educational institutions.USC my main role is to direct a multifunctional support facility called the USC Stem Cell Core, which provides training and research support to individuals of all levels ranging from high school students to tenured professors.

I am also the founding director of an extracurricular outreach program for High School students called the USC Early Investigator High School Summer Program in Stem Cell Research. This program enables gifted students of all race and socioeconomic background to gain hands on laboratory experience at The USC Stem Cell Core and other stem cell laboratories at USC. The EiHS program, through its various courses, identifies the next generation of scientific researchers and provides them with the stepping stone they need to develop a professional science career.

Through my various positions I have gained professional experience in the following areas:
 1. Facility, Laboratory, Equipment, Personnel and Financial management.

  1. Pluripotent stem cell techniques (such as culture, genetic modification and iPSC derivation)
  2. Teaching and mentoring.
  3. Extracurricular High School Education.
  4. Public Outreach.
  5. Consulting and providing specialized technical assistance.
  6. Networking and marketing.
  7. Working with advisory Boards.
  8. Grant writing and grant management.
  9. Laboratory techniques (i.e. cell culture, stem cell culture, flow cytometry and molecular biology techniques).
  10. Research and development.
  11. Peer review of publications and funding applications.
  12. Laboratory planning and establishment.

Board Member Parent Liaison


Teresa Sandoval

Mrs. Sandoval is a pillar in the community.   She is a full time parent of 7 children, 10 grandchildren and a wife.  Even with her busy schedule she is a Member of the Choir at Our Lady of Victory Church where she volunteers a lot of her time.  She assists the church with food banks, carnivals and community events.

Mrs. Sandoval is a dedicated to community projects in the City of Compton.  She also volunteers the minimum of 20 hours per week at Lifeline education Charter School.  She assist with special events, serve lunch and sit on the Site Advisory Committee.

With being on the Board of Director’s for Lifeline Education Charter School, she strongly believes in educating her community.


Board Member

John Paul Williams III


Mr. Williams grew up in Compton, CA, after graduating from high school, Mr. Williams continued his education at Cal State Dominguez Hills.

While attending College, Mr. Williams and a few of his entrepreneur friends started a pager company in the early 90’s.  Subsequently he began working for Hi Tech Termite Inc.  After a few years of service he became the District Manager for the Northern California Region.  After some time he became the CEO/Owner of Hi Tech Termite servicing the Northern and Southern California areas. He has 40 employees that work directly under his management and his company grossed $4,000,000.00 annually.

With Mr. Williams business experience he adventured out and earned more of a title for himself.  He’s the General Partner of Velma May Campbell Land Holdings and the CEO for Parrians of California.

Mr. Williams take an interest in Camping, Hiking and Fishing.  He has a love for the youth which lead to him sitting on the Board of Director’s for Lifeline Education Charter School.  He’s very excited about making a change in the community.