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Elementary School
The elementary science program is taught through a “hands-on” approach.  It emphasizes a laboratory method of instruction that focuses on ways of developing basic skills in the processes of science.  The methodology includes skills, centering on observing, classifying, measuring and predicting, as well as others required for scientific investigations and ways of processing information.  Students in this program are provided with skills and knowledge that will serve as a springboard for a future exploration of sciences as they progress through the Lifeline school system.  They also acquire skills which are needed to apply concepts and utilize knowledge in a purposeful way.
Middle School
The Science Department encourages students to develop and expand their scientific literacy through a broad spectrum of courses and provides opportunities for hands-on learning, experimentation, and the mastery of the content of science, as well as an appreciation of the implications of science in everyday life. Course Include:
Life Science
General Science
Physical Science
High School

The Science Department is dedicated to providing all students a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics. The science program emphasizes basic concepts, facts, how new knowledge is discovered and validated, the process of science, and the influence of science on society. Course includes:

Earth Science

Stem Cell Research
Lifeline Education Charter School partners with Pathways to Stem Cell Science to provide LECS students the opportunity to enjoy the rare opportunity to learn in a professional bioscience laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment alongside experienced scientists who are also exceptional teachers. Pathways to Stem Cell Science connects students to academic and medical scientists via a wide array of partnerships with universities, hospitals, and research institutes and offers personalized training as laboratory internships through small classes taught by multiple course instructors. Using the correct balance of classroom and laboratory-based teaching Pathways to Stem Cell Science enables students to do more than just learn about stem cells in lectures – they learn with stem cells working hands-on in modern research facilities.
Our partnership with Pathways to Stem Cell Science allows our high school juniors to participate in this program at no cost to the student.