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Student Leadership Team

The Leadership Team will be limited to 8-10 qualified students at the middle school and high school campuses. The LECS Leadership Team will learn areas:

  • Personal leadership, which encompasses learning more about his or her self and developing life skills that strengthen self-image.
  • Organizational leadership, which engages individuals in practicing skills for decision making.
  • Community leadership, which focuses on individuals organizing to create community change.


Student Leaders are required meet with their Coordinator once a week during lunch, however, they will be asked to work together on projects and assignments throughout the week during lunch or after-school.


All Student Leaders must meet the following criteria throughout their term:

  1. Remain in good standing and maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0
  2. Maintain good attendance
  3. Must not be placed on zero tolerance


In addition to intensive leadership training, highlights of the program will include, mandatory leadership training through the annual LECS Leadership Retreat.