Graduation Requirements

Lifeline Education Charter School graduation requirements are as listed:
4 yrs English (English I, English II, English III, English IV)
3 yrs History (World History, U.S History, Government & Economics)
3 yrs Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
2 yrs Science (Biology, Chemistry)
2 yrs Foreign Language
2 yrs Physical Education
2 yrs Visual & Performing Arts
2 yrs Electives (Earth Science)
* 1 semester of Health & 1 semester of Career Development are requirements in order to graduate from Lifeline. At the end of senior year, students are required to create a portfolio and interview with the Campus Administrator. Each student must take the ACT/SAT exam junior year and apply for FAFSA senior year, since this is part of the portfolio. If the student fails to complete any of the requirements for Lifeline, this will jeopardize their graduation status. Each class is worth 5 credits. 220 credits are required to graduate, but students must complete the above requirements.
The student must complete 300 hours of community service and bring in letterheads with proper signatures from each place they completed community service from in order to graduate from Lifeline. Student must do CPR or Driver’s Education on own time, as this is another graduation requirement for Lifeline.