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Dean & Discipline Office

My Role: Dean of Student (Lifeline Education Charter School)



As the Dean of Students for LECS I continually work with the Principal in carrying out the school’s academic and behavior programs. As the Dean of Students I responds to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population. As the Dean of Students I provides proactive leadership to engage all students in the delivery of programs and services to support the students’ academic achievement, personal and social development. As the Dean of Students I work cooperatively with the principal, counselor, teachers, students and parents towards a positive school environment.

I continually serve as a resource for building staff, administrators, and parents in working with students, creating a positive school environment, and helping students develop a positive self-concept. Skill in human relations which I continually demonstrate thorough sensitivity to needs and concerns of others.

Demonstrated ability to work successfully and positively with all students to provide them with assistance in meeting their educational needs. Coordinates, facilitates and implements disciplinary intervention steps, detention, and processes with staff, working closely with the principal.Coordinates implementation of parent involvement as well as school sponsored events. Assists with school-wide and event supervision. May oversee school-wide emergency preparedness team meetings and implementation efforts.

Demonstrated ability to communicate orally and in writing with clarity and conciseness. Motivates students in a positive direction which will help students to increase individual decision making responsibilities.

Ability to effectively supervise building classified staff in keeping with the staff member’s collective bargaining agreement.

Student rights and responsibilities are at the core of a positive educational environment. The dean of students has primary oversight for the system that addresses behavioral issues. For example, if a student displays repeated, inappropriate classroom behavior, the dean of students would respond.




Daily Role of (DOS)


Oversee the daily search for all students to ensure a safe learning environment.

Ensure that the campus is fully staffed to ensure daily academic success.

Maintain proper trained security staff on a daily basis, inform security on high alert status.

Meet with parents, teachers and students for academics, behavior and or classroom issues.

Manage incidents regarding (property, personal etc.)

Update Jupiter Grades regarding Suspensions, Detentions, Grades, parent meetings, staff shared information, referrals etc.

Maintain proper detention (Before-After and during lunch detention)

Ensure that each student is wearing the proper uniform.

Ensure that all teachers have proper radio communication within their assigned classroom via 2-way radio.

Ensure that all students are in class receiving proper education without any stressful agitation.

Call and set up meetings with students & parents who continues to have in classroom behavior issues.

Ensure that there’s no bullying happening on campus.

Ensure that every student is either being picked up, walking home or staying after school for tutoring.