Mission & Vision



The mission of Lifeline Education Charter School is to provide quality education and individual student success planning through helping students master a variety of critical skills in College and Career Preparation, Life Skills, and Community Engagement. The focus of Lifeline is to provide students with an alternative to the traditional public-school environment. Lifeline’s goal is to provide a caring “family” approach where every individual student receives the support necessary to reach their full potential. Lifeline is committed to helping students succeed in school and beyond.


Lifeline’s staff, teachers, and administrators provide our students a safe, academic environment where each child is encouraged and supported to achieve at their highest potential. By valuing the community and developing a physically and emotionally safe place, Lifeline’s community of staff, teachers, and administrators are held accountable for the success and well-being of all students.

Lifeline Education Charter School’s positive culture codes anchor its community in its core values of: Exploration, Exposure, Experiences, Creativity, Confidence, Character, Self-Awareness, Self- Esteem, and Self-Discipline. 
The feeling of family, personal safety, and well-being on the Lifeline campus is a critical life support for the students we serve. Students are safe—physically and emotionally—to simply focus on being a student. Lifeline teachers meet the students “where they are” by providing them with an individualized educational plan. 

Targeted Population

Lifeline Education Charter School is a TK-12th grade charter school designed to provide an alternative choice to the traditional public school system and focuses on meeting the educational needs of students and families who live in and around Compton and surrounding areas. Although the majority of our pupils are from the community of Compton, Lifeline is open to all residents of California and typically admits students from various parts of Los Angeles County.

Lifeline will continue to focus its resources and efforts on the “at risk” student population and the inclusion of those students who have not been able to obtain an education that challenges their academic, social, and moral potential through traditional sources of public or private education. Lifeline Education Charter School will continue to be a place where the community is welcome and the students feel privileged.