Our History


Initially, Lifeline Education Charter School was awarded its charter under old charter legislation and opened in the Community of Compton in September 2002. Our five-year commitment with Gorman District ended in June 2007 [in accordance with Education Code §47605.1 which provides for the establishment of a charter school that will operate within the geographic boundaries of the authorizing school district].

In September 2007, Lifeline began to operate under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Education with a one year Charter, as Lifeline’s Charter was initially denied by Compton Unified School District and Los Angeles County Office of Education. This one year Charter was extended to three years, in January 2008, and in 2012, the State Board of Education awarded Lifeline Education Charter with a five-year extension.

The serenity of being on The Lifeline Education Charter School campus is unparalleled. Students are safe—physically and emotionally—to simply focus on being students. Visitors to our campus are immediately struck by the close-knit nature of the Lifeline community, characterized by the warmth, friendliness, and enthusiasm of students, faculty and parents.