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High School Curriculum 
At Lifeline, we believe that high school students should become accomplished generalists before beginning to specialize in college. The program incorporates 21st-century learning principles, from globalism and innovative problem solving to integrate technology and media literacy. And our small school size makes participation in numerous extracurricular opportunities possible. While many of our students have a specialty or passion – be it in the arts, athletics, or sciences - they all truly engage in each aspect of the Lifeline Charter Philosophy.
The objectives of the English Department are to provide thorough training in the thoughtful and efficient use of language, to develop the analytical skills needed for a critical appreciation of literature, and to expose students to a wide range of literature. All English courses require intensive work in reading, writing, critical thinking, and the exchange of ideas through participation in classroom discussion.
Course include:

English I – Foundations of Critical Writing and Reading
English II – Foundations of Composition and Literature
English III – Techniques of Writing Research Papers (English Literature)
English IV – Techniques of Writing Research Papers (British Literature)

Ancient World History is taught in grade nine and Modern World History in grade ten. Juniors take a survey course in United States History, and seniors have a choice among Government and Politics, or Social and Political Philosophy. Courses include:


Government and Politics
World History
US History



The Mathematics Department offers three core sequences to coincide with students’ needs. Regular and Advanced placement is determined by previous performance, examination, and permission from the department chairman. Courses include:

Algebra I
Algebra II



The Science Department is dedicated to providing all students a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics. The science program emphasizes basic concepts, facts, how new knowledge is discovered and validated, the process of science, and the influence of science on society. Course includes:


Earth Science


Courses include:
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Physical Education
The Physical Education Department strives to give each student a successful experience, which promotes a desire to participate regularly in physical activity throughout life.
The goal of the Visual Arts Department is to provide experiences that help students develop individual, creative solutions to visual problems. Students are also expected to increase their technical skills in manipulating a variety of materials.
Foundational Math & English

English Foundational Courses are designed to build upon students’ prior knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, word usage, and the mechanics of writing. The course introduces students to various genres of literature through writing exercises often linked to the reading selections. Students learn literary analysis skills. They also learn to write persuasive, critical, and creative multi-paragraph thematic essays and compositions. In upper-level courses, students write essays and learn the techniques of writing research papers.


Mathematics Foundational Courses are designated to effectively assist students, teachers individualize and/or make use of small group instruction in basic math. The teaching techniques emphasize the use of manipulative and other tools, including technological tools in a laboratory setting.


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