High School

Ninth through Twelfth Grades
225 South Santa Fe Avenue
Compton, California 90221
(310) 605-2510
At Lifeline, we believe that high school students should become accomplished generalists before beginning to specialize in college. The program incorporates 21st-century learning principles, from globalism and innovative problem-solving to integrating technology and media literacy. And our small school size makes participation in numerous extracurricular opportunities possible. While many of our students have a specialty or passion – be it in the arts, athletics, or sciences - they all truly engage in each aspect of the Lifeline Charter Philosophy.
High School Administrative Team
Lifeline Sports Program
Through the Lifeline Charter School Athletics Program we aim to avail health, sports knowledge, and sports participation through expertise in coaching, sports training, athletic footwork/speed, stretching, cardio and group club sports, such as track & field, cross-country, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and health training clubs. We also offer parent and family group support by way of team volunteering, fundraising, parent group meetings, tutoring/study hall, and mentoring avenues.