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Middle School Curriculum
The Middle School’s academic curriculum is highly driven by Common Core standards and is well-rounded, with courses in the following disciplines:  English, mathematics, science, and social science. Students learn to devise solutions through conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information. In the pursuit of academic achievement, Lifeline strives to promote critical thinking with the goal of developing intellectual communities. Within the intellectual communities, students will work in teams to stimulate learning through discussion, engagement, and production. Students will also learn to become tolerant and respectful of people from various cultural backgrounds practicing skills needed to thrive in a global community.


The Mathematics Department offers three core sequences to coincide with students’ needs. Regular and Advanced placement is determined by previous performance, examination, and permission from the department chairman. Courses include Pre-Algebra, Algebra and General Mathematics.


The objectives of the English Department are to provide thorough training in the thoughtful and efficient use of language, to develop the analytical skills needed for a critical appreciation of literature, and to expose students to a wide range of literature. All English courses require intensive work in reading, writing, critical thinking, and the exchange of ideas through participation in classroom discussion. 


The Middle School program begins with the study of geography and the development of world cultures. The seventh-grade course is Global Studies, and U.S. History is offered in grade eight. The emphasis in these courses is on exposing the students to the world in which they live and providing the vocabulary and conceptual understanding necessary to study history.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department strives to give each student a successful experience, which promotes a desire to participate regularly in physical activity throughout life. A variety of special interest classes and athletic teams are also available to students.


The Science Department encourages students to develop and expand their scientific literacy through a broad spectrum of courses and provides opportunities for hands-on learning, experimentation, and the mastery of the content of science, as well as an appreciation of the implications of science in everyday life. Course include Life Science, General Science and Physical Science.
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