Sports Teams

Athletics Department Staff
Mr. Steve
TK-12th Special Projects Coordinator
Mr. Marshall
Athletics Director
Mr. Stephens
Asst. Athletics Director
Boy's Basketball:  Coach Carter
Girl's Basketball:  Coach Simmons
Boys Soccer:  TBD
Girls Soccer:  TBD
LECS' Athletics Program was designed to build excitement, develop academic and athletic skills,  as well as increase school pride--providing the students, in the program, multiply possibilities that will inspire them to become Athletic Scholars.  
LECS' Athletics Academic Guidelines
Please note:  Athletics must be academically eligible at all times.  They must also not be on any type of behavioral contract, during their time as a LECS Athlete.  
1.  All LECS Athletes must maintain a 2.5 GPAwith no grade less than a "C".  
2.  Athletes with less than a 2.5 GPA will be placed on Academic Probation and must attend after school tutoring.  
3.  Poor attendance (absences and tardies) may disqualify an athlete from participation.  
4.  Poor work habits and/or referrals to the Dean of Students may disqualify an athlete from participation.  
5.  Athletes are to complete a Weekly Progress Report with the Counselor and submit it to the Athletic Director/Asst. Athletic Director.