Lower Elementary Campus

Transitional Kindergarten through Third Grade
415 South Tamarind Avenue
Compton, California 90220
(310) 604-6007

Lifeline’s elementary program supports the intellectual, social, and emotional development of each child. The curriculum encompasses Common Core subjects and emphasizes a hands-on approach where children learn to think critically and creatively.

Kindergarten Years

Kindergarten is a great year; full of growth and challenges. Lifeline offers Transitional Kindergarten.  Transitional Kindergarten allows children to adapt to a daily school routine and incorporates academic and development learning methods and strategies. Students in this class must be at least five years old by the end of December.

Kindergarten includes full day and half day options. This more academic program helps children to develop necessary skills for reading and mathematics, the fine arts, physical education and the sciences, enabling them to successfully develop a life-long love of learning. Kindergartners attend weekly specialty training in Art, Music, Physical Education and Library Learning.

1st through 3rd Grade

The 1st through 3rd-grade curriculum reinforces the skills learned in Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten. This is accomplished through weekly lessons that spiral the core concepts preparing students for the next stage in their elementary journey.

Specialty Training

Lifeline will continue to focus its resources and efforts on the “at risk” student population and the inclusion of those students who have not been able to obtain an education that challenges their academic, social, and moral potential through traditional sources of public or private education. Lifeline Education Charter School will continue to be a place where the community is welcome and the students feel privileged.


Lower Elementary School Administrative Team
Lower Elementary School Teachers