College and Career Counseling

The Lifeline counseling program is a comprehensive school counseling program designed to assist students in preparing for success after high school by providing:
  • Individual and Group Counseling: Working with students individually to help with concerns and make decisions about their goals, relationships, and self-development.
  • Academic Advising: Working with students to pursue postsecondary education, ranging from A-G Requirements, SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Test, Scholarships, Financial Aid, College/University Application process, etc.
  • Career Exploration: Providing opportunities for students to explore different career paths through assessments, informational interviews, job shadowing, and career fairs can help them gain insight into their interests, values, and strengths. 
  • College Preparation: Assisting students in navigating the college application process through helping them research colleges, understand admission requirements, prepare for standardized tests like the SAT or ACT, and write compelling personal statements or essays. Counselors also provide guidance on financial aid options, scholarships, and college visits.
At Lifeline, we recognize that each student has unique needs and goals. Our counselors provide personalized guidance and support. 
LECS Counseling Office
225 S. Santa Fe Avenue
Compton, CA 90221
310-605-2510 Business
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College and Career Fair at Compton College