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Counseling Department

LECS Counseling Office

225 S. Santa Fe Avenue

Compton, CA 90221

310-605-2510 Business

310-764-4890 Fax


Ms. Rosales, PPS





The Guidance School Counselor's Office helps students find success by providing:

Individual Counseling

Academic Advising

Career Information

Group Counseling and Guidance

The services include:

Individual Counseling: Working with students individually to help with concerns and make decisions about their goals, relationships, and self-development.

Academic Advising: Working with students to pursue postsecondary education, ranging from A-G Requirements, SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Test, Scholarships, Financial Aid, College/University Application process, etc.

Career Information: Helps students examine career interests & make decisions about educational plans.

Group Counseling: Involves confidential discussions with few students to handle specific concerns.


The goals of the Counselor are ...

1) Meet with every student throughout the school year and facilitate academic needs.  

2) To help motivate and guide students to be better and more proactive individuals who are ready to face the real world after they graduate high school.

3) To work closely with the parents and teachers.